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Pet Policy

Heritage Suites is pet friendly... 

In return for being allowed to keep a pet in your room on either a permanent or temporary basis, you agree to the following:

  • Doors shall always remain closed.
  • You Are fully responsible for the care of the pet.  Specifically, staff will not be expected to feed, water, manage the litter box, or do extra cleaning because of the pet.
  • You must ensure, without the assistance of staff, that you can properly care for the animal and manage any extra care the room necessitated by the pet, on a timely basis.
  • You must provide all current vaccination records, rabies, proof of tick/flea treatment, deworming, and neutering.
  • The pet must not make noise audible in any other resident’s room.
  • Pets must not exceed 30 (thirty) pounds.
  • The pet must remain in your room always, except when you are taking it out of the building at which times the pet must have on a leash of no longer than 6 (six) feet.
  • Pet excrements must be picked up immediately and disposed of in an outside garbage.
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